Automated Reasoning with Legal Entities

A research project funded by the

Luxembourg National Research Fund

Grant: CORE C20/IS/14616644

AuReLeE Workshop

During the workshop Automated Reasoning with Legal Entities (AuReLeE) you will participate in a series of lectures by international researchers in the areas of computational logic, automated reasoning and legal informatics with the aim to investigate effective and general means for the automation of normative reasoning processes based on legal knowledge bases. (More information on:

Automated reasoning systems are symbolic AI systems for autonomously assessing the correctness of formally specified information. Such tools are provided by the user with the information to be assessed in some textual representation, and subsequently search for a formal justification of a given claim without additional guidance from the outside. Application areas include computer-assisted mathematics, knowledge discovery and processing, computer linguistics, semantic web, and software and hardware verification. As an example of such systems, so-called SAT and SMT solvers are highly successful in both research and industry, and became standard tools for various software and hardware production chains.

In legal informatics, computer systems are used for assisting professionals and public regulators for, e.g., structuring and assessing normative contents, and for improved search in large knowledge bases. In legal reasoning, a sub-field of legal informatics, a current challenge is to design and implement reasoning technology for assisting legal drafting, for conducting (semi-)automated compliance checks, and further practically relevant applications. Usually, a first step in this process is the formalization of normative structures in knowledge bases. However, the practical utilization of these valuable knowledge bases is then often quite limited. This is, to a large extent, due to the lack of suitable computational methods that would allow the assessment and mechanized utilization of the normative information compiled by these knowledge bases.

The workshop will take place on Monday 18 July to Friday 22 July - Campus Belval, MNO building, room 1.040.

Participation is open to anybody interested in the topics surrounding the project, i.e., including computational logic, normative reasoning, legal reasoning, automated theorem proving, software system standardization and development, AI & Law, KR, rule languages, and more. Feel free to forward this information to anybody that might be interested as well.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Guillaume Aucher (Univ. Rennes)
  • Christoph Benzm├╝ller (Univ. of Bamberg/FU Berlin)
  • David Fuenmayor (Univ. of Luxembourg)
  • Tobias Glei├čner (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Xavier Parent (TU Vienna)
  • Livio Robaldo (Swansea Univ.)
  • Alexander Steen (Univ. of Greifswald)
  • Geoff Sutcliffe (Univ. of Miami)
  • Adam Wyner (Swansea Univ.)


If you want to participate please contact David Fuenmayor.

AuReLeE acknowledges financial support from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) under grant CORE AuReLeE (C20/IS/14616644). Last updated: June 2022